Saturday, January 19, 2013

5 Star Beauty Class: Welcome Packets

We are definitely off to a great start for the year 2013!

We had the pleasure of creating a one of a kind Welcome Packets for Celebrity Make-Up Artist, Monifa Mortis' 5 Star Beauty and Next Level Make Up Classes.

We believe that your invitation sets the tone for your event. This motto was the main focus on our approach in designing these welcome packets that would surely leave these creative muses speechless!

When approached with this project, it was so important that these packets did not replicate that of the standard packets that are frequently presented at orientations, seminars, etc.

The main goal was to create something very trendy but elegant, with the final product being a(n):

Onyx Metallic Pocket Folder Secured with a Branded Color- Coded Metallic Ivory Belly Band.
Once opened, displayed a  Branded Color - Coded Welcome Letter along with 3- tiered inserts that included the following:
  • Course Schedule
  • What to Expect
  • Make Up Checklist
To add more customization to the welcome packets, each set were color - coded representing each city the class will be held in.

Here at Royale Amethyst Invitations, we take pride in "pushing the envelope". It is always a priviledge to be trusted with our clients brand by producing tone-setting stationery that will leave a lasting impression. Now here's to welcoming the class...... with class!!

To learn more about Monifa's 5 Star Beauty Classes, check out the website below:

See the entire 5 Star Beauty Welcome Packet Gallery on our Facebook Fan page.

Stay tuned for more stationery tips, information and inspiration!

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