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"Featured Vendor: Blessed Events NY"

For every unforgettable event, there is always a detail-oriented and creative planner behind the scenes keeping it all together. Read on as The Amethyst Corner interviews Events Design Director {Le' Concepteur} Adrianne Harris of Blessed Events NY (Baldwin, NY).

1. With over 17 years of experience in the creative world of fashion, what led you onto the path of event design and planning?

Throughout the 17 years of my career as a Fashion Designer, I simultaneously planned events during my free time with my Dad. You see, for me growing up as a child catering and planning events was one of the things my family was known for. My Dad, a Caterer, always kept a full schedule of events which he catered for every weekend.  As such, I received hands on training and exposure for the Event Planning industry at the age of 12. I didn't see the value of the hands on training I had received, thankfully enough, as I matured I began to see the light and recognize my God given gifts.

2. With the amount of creativity in the event design and planning industry, what sets Blessed Events NY apart?

It's the simple fact that you seldomly find companies that incorporate Event Planning & Event design together all under one roof. I work with our clients in order to deliver custom design & plan their milestone events. My background in the Fashion Industry allows me to explore various facets of design which all tie in with planning and designing events; which Blessed Events NY has the honor of producing.

3. Planning events takes a substantial amount of organization and attention to detail. What advice do you have to offer the DIYers (Do-It-Yourself) who are considering planning their own events?

Hire a professional Events Specialist to advise you through the planning process. A common DIY pitfall is that every body starts with good intentions fueled by excitement.

"This is going to be so much fun to plan." The pitfall is when the F-U-N turns into W-O-R-K, which is something they didn't bargain for. Another pitfall D-I-Yers face is that they fail to realize the amount of time that is required to plan an event. Time is a topic of interest that magazines often fail to address in their DIY articles. An undisclosed stumbling block revealed to late in the game. That's when crisis planning "fix it" damage control tactics get thrown into the planning process.
This once well thought out, organized, planned event in most cases does not add up to the end results  hoped for. Ultimately this wastes precious time, money and invites unwelcomed stress.

5. What should we expect to see for Blessed Events NY in the near future?

I'm so glad you asked! For 2013, we will be unveiling several exciting projects which will cater to:

  • Married Couples
  • Teenage Girls
  • Wedding Industry Vendors

For the past few years we have hosted private events for married/engaged couples which focus on maintaining a healthy marriage. Its success has allowed us to open these events to a larger audience of couples.

We will also plan to launch our "Girls With Standards &Values" Seminar events for teenage girls.
These seminar events have been designed to mentor, inspire and educate teenage girls on what it means to be a Lady.

Lastly we will launch our WEDUCATED Professionals group in February which will appeal to wedding industry professionals and their businesses.

Please follow us on our social network sites for details and information regarding any of these events of feel free to email me directly

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