Friday, November 4, 2011

Featured Vendor: Love Ink

Last year I participated in a local bridal show where I had the pleasure of meeting C.K. Alexander, Founder of Love Ink. Ever wondered how to prepare that wedding speech or even how to confess your love in a poem? Well look now further.... your search has now ended! Read on as The Amethyst Corner interviews C.K. Alexander:

1) What is Love Ink and what made you decide to create this niche business?

Love Ink is a full service special occasions writing company that offers one-on-one custom consultation to assist clients with all of their writing needs. I specialize in helping clients create beautifully written wedding vows, personalized invitations, love stories, toast, poems, greeting cards and more.

2) What type of services does your company offer to brides and grooms?

Most brides and grooms want everything customized on their wedding day. My company offers complete custom coaching to help couples create beautifully written words for their special day. The most popular service is the wedding vow writing service but I also create custom poems, thank you cards, love stories and other written material that couples can display at their wedding. Most recently I helped a couple write their love story that was printed in the program for their wedding. I thought that this was a great personal touch to help guest feel closer to the couple.

3) Explain, why it is important to seek a professional when it comes to writing vows and wedding toasts?

As in any other industry, having a professional assist you with any service give you confidence. This service is for the couple who may have some anxiety when it comes to writing in general. There are lots of people who have a hard time finding the words to express their feelings verbally and in written form. That's where I come in. I coach couples and individuals and assist them in creating the words and the stories that their hearts want to tell. Each consultation is different. I offer as little or as much help as needed. I think that some people think that if they get help writing their weddings vows that the sentiment is lost. That is absolutely not true. In fact, the couples that I have worked with were able to verbalize their feelings in ways that they never thought they could. These words last a lifetime- Why wouldn't you want them to be perfect?

4) What inspires you to write?

Love inspires me to write. I am a hopeless romantic. I have always been the go-to person in my group when it came to writing love letters and poems for my friend's boyfriends or girlfriends. I've always enjoyed expressing my feelings through writing. Nothing is more gratifying to my than helping someone express love to another person. I am passionate about creating words that give life to the emotion of love. When I meet a couple that is truly in love it’s so easy to find the words.

5) What should we expect from Love Ink in the near future? (Future projects, features, displays of your work etc...)?

In the very near future I am going to start hosting group wedding vow and love story writing workshops for couples who want to add a special touch to their wedding day. I love working with couples and I think it will be great if I could get a group together where I can teach them some quick and easy tools on how to create tear jerking vows.

6) Please leave our followers with a few tips or words of wisdom from Love Ink?

If you are having trouble writing your wedding vows here are a few tips to help you get started.

1. Do not wait until the last minute. Start early and set time aside where you can reflect on the union with the love of your life.

2. Do not write an essay. Wedding vows should not be a dissertation of love. They should be brief and heartfelt and to the point.

3. Use music as your inspiration. Listening to romantic music is a great way to get in the mood to write about love. Also, use the lyrics as a guide on how to say I love you in different ways.
C.K. Alexander, an ambitious writer born in Los Angeles and raised in New York, is a news assistant and contributing writer for The New York Times and a freelance reporter for various publications.
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