Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Latest Invitation Design: The Acrylic Invitation

What is transculent, classy and elegant all over? The latest invitation design by Royale Amethyst Invitations that is!
For the past few months I have displayed various invitation designs featured on the blog and incorporated into inspiration boards.
Looking to design something different, I came up with the exquisite yellow flourish Acrylic Invitation.

What I love about the Acrylic Invitation in addition to its beauty is the quality.
When holding it in your hands you cannot help but hold it as if it was a "fine work of art".
This stationery piece will not only set the tone for the perfect wedding but will further down the line become a "keepsake" to its recipient.
If you are looking for a "high-end and luxurious" invitation, the Acrylic will definitely be my first choice!
View more pics of the Acrylic Invitation on the Facebook Fan Page. Please feel free to comment and share.
Stay tuned for more invitation tips, information and inspiration.

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