Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Papers, Papers, Papers!

As I was designing a few invitations, I was so amazed at the variety of papers I had at hand. With so many paper types to choose from there is no reason for anyone to not have the invitation of their dreams. Here are a few types of papers that I in particular love using:

Solid: This quality of paper has a smooth matte finish that is available in hundreds of colors. Making this the standard paper to use for invitations whether flat or layered.

Linen: This quality of paper emulates that of a linen fabric. It consists of horizontal and vertical grooves and enhances the look of any invitation. Linen papers are great for formal events such as weddings or gala affairs.

Metallic: This quality of paper has a shimmery pearlescent finish and is very elegant. I can attest that I almost every time choose this quality of paper when designing wedding invitations. Metallic paper also looks great when used to layer an invitation.

Laid: This quality of paper has horizontal lines that creates a rigid and rough texture. In my opinion, this quality of paper is great to use for earth tone nature themed invitations.

Vellum: This quality of paper has a sheer translucent finish. This paper will bring elegance to any invitation when used as an overlay over a flat invitation card.

I hope after reading this information you will have a different perspective and appreciate the variety and beauty of paper.
Stay tuned for more tips, information and inspiration!!!!

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