Monday, June 28, 2010

Invitation Styles

So you are planning an event, you know the event details, your budget and your guest list. As you begin your search for the best invitations you will come across a variety of invitation styles. Here are a few to assist you in your search:

The flat invitation is printed on a single card stock and can be the most cost efficient depending on the printing method and quality of paper. Flat invites are usually simple and cost efficient because it requires less assembly than a layered or pocket invite. As simple as this invite may be, with the right layout, design or embellishments this invitation can go from simple to chic.

The Layered invitation consists of a single card mounted on one or more layers. The layered invitation leaves room for versatility because you have the option of mounting a single card on various paper types including metallic, linen, laid, vellum stock. This invitation can be cost effective depending on the number of layers that are added to the invitation. Keep in mind that when you purchase layered invitations that the more layers you add may increase the price because it requires more assembly and more paper.

The pocket invitation consists of a flat or layered invitation embedded onto a folder with a horizontal or vertical pocket. These invitations are very fancy and designed to enclose more stationery such as response cards, reception/direction cards and accommodation cards. These invitations require more paper and assembly which will cause it to be pricier than the flat and layered invitation.

So whether you are searching for invitations for a wedding, baby shower or gala affair your event deserves the ROYAL treatment. So if you decide to keep it simple with a flat, be versatile with a layered or get fancy with a pocket styled invitation, remember that your invitation is the first notification that your guest will receive pertaining to your event. So choose the right invite that will set the tone for your event.

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