Sunday, May 15, 2011

The National Stationery Show 2011: "Paper Heaven"

Today I had the opportunity to attend the 2011 National Stationery Show in New York City. As a first time attendee, I must say that I was truly amazed with the works of various invitation designers as well as the products that were being offered by stationery suppliers. I honestly felt like I entered "Paper Heaven".

Along with meeting other invitation designers from all over the country, I was very grateful to have met with letterpress printers, paper, silk box and embellishment suppliers all under one roof.

I was most impressed with "The Paper Runway" which consisted of creative paper dresses designed by student fashion designers. I would love to wear one of these couture paper dresses at my next promotional photo shoot 8-).

In my opinion, every exhibitor brought their "A" game to this event from their marketing materials to the layout of their booths. Being a first time attendee, I was expecting a simple set-up similar to that of a Bridal Show. However, these exhibitor booths were "dressed to impress". Some booths resembled that of a warm cozy home and others resembled that of a High End Boutique...there were absolutely no blandness in walking down these aisles.

In the following months to come, I plan on taking my stationery to another level. Prepare to see beautiful designs and layouts, high end printing and finishes to my stationery pieces.

I do look forward to using all of the inspiration that I acquired today to produce work that is creative and unique for my clients. Please stay tuned for more event stationery tips, information and inspiration.

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