Wednesday, September 29, 2010

QUALITY :"Setting The Tone For Your Event"

Your invitation is the first impression your guest will have regarding your event. Planning an event can be costly and at times people are willing to sacrifice the quality of their invitation to save money. But is the extra savings really worth it?

It all comes down to one thing when choosing the right invitation and that is QUALITY. The paper, font type, layout, graphics, and color scheme makes all the difference. For example if you are planning “a five star-$100 a plate” Gala Affair, your invitation should reflect “FIVE STAR”. I had a person once tell me about a wedding invitation they once received, in which they stated:

"I based the wedding gift on the quality of the invitation. Low-quality invitation equals a low-quality gift.”

After hearing that comment, one thing that I always kept in mind when working with my clients is "compromising quality is never an option, even if my client is on a budget". Before you purchase your invitations, keep this in mind “What impression would I like my guest to have regarding my event?”

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Image Credits: Zebra Translations

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